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Rosacea is a disturbing, chronic skin condition. It is common, but not exclusive, among fair skinned people. It is sometimes linked to menopause. Things like climate, hormones and genetics can all play a part in how it affects one's skin. Pevonia RS2 Rosacea Skin Care Line has a solution to help calm and soothe your skin. It does this as it also addresses the unpleasant side effects such as blotchy and red skin.

Rosacea is characterized by redness that can be either persistent or the result of something you eat or drink. Wine and spicy foods can flare it up on some people. It sometimes will cause tiny white papules and pustules around the cheeks, nose and chin area. There are four stages in rosacea. Most people have stage one or two, which are the more mild. This treatment line is suitable for all the stages.

The Pevonia RS2 Rosacea line helps combat these concerns by soothing, calming and healing the skin. The four main treatment products in Pevonia Botanica Skin Care RS2 Line are the RS2 Cleanser, a rich yet mildly foaming cleanser. The RS2 Facial Lotion is a toner that has no alcohol in it and is used directly after cleansing. It can be used either with a cotton pad to remove the excess cleanser or you can simply mist it onto your skin. Perhaps the most important step is the RS2 Concentrate with its high level of active ingredients. It contains licorice root to nourish and green tea to decongest the skin. This skin serum is an essential anti-inflammatory step that drenches your skin in nutrients. The RS2 Moisturizer is a rich, luxurious cream that absorbs easily leaving a nice matte finish. It has an SPF of 8.
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