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The results shown after 8 months of Cellex-C application to the right side (left in photo) of the face on test subject.

Cellex C was the first line of stable topical Vitamin C to hit the market. Cellex-C’s exclusive Patented Complex is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 84.2% as well as improve skin tone, coloration and texture. Cellex-C's patented formulas are copied by many companies but surpassed by none as they remain the top dermatological anti-oxidant skin care serums

Using a Vitamin C Serum by Cellex C will greatly increase the effectiveness of your sunscreen by inhibiting excess melanin production and reducing the risk of developing hyper pigmented patches of skin often referred to as age spots. Skin redness is also reduced as collagen production is enhanced by the use of Vitamin C skin care. If you suffer from rosacea, chances are that you would do very well with a topical Vitamin C serum by Cellex-C coupled with their Hydra 5B-Complex gel for increased hydration. Since there is some evidence that rosacea is exacerbated by skin dehydration, the use of a hyaluronic serum such as the Hydra 5B-Complex greatly improves skin texture and tone as well as sensitivities.

C’s anti-aging serums contain exclusive complexes that include L-ascorbic acid, tyrosine and zinc that work synergistically so your skin can maintain a young glow and have the firmness of five to ten years ago.

“These results are truly remarkable and deserve the close attention of the medical and professional community.”

Peter T. Pugliese, MD, Pennsylvania, USA.

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A Formulation That Really Works.

Cellex-C Complex is the original formulation that in the early 1990’s pioneered the present worldwide interest in the topical application of vitamin C. Originally launched in 1991, Cellex-C was the first topical ascorbic acid formulation to be successfully commercialized. Today, there are hundreds of companies worldwide selling vitamin C products, yet no other formulation has been able to reproduce the stunning results with continued use achieved by Cellex-C. The synergy of the original patented complex combined with proprietary technology invented by Cellex-C and known to only five people worldwide, that sets Cellex-C apart from all other vitamin C products and produces results that no other product can duplicate. Cellex-C is based on the scientific findings of the Bioderm patent, co-invented by Dr. Lorraine Meisner. The patented complex was initially developed in the mid-1980’s as a result of clinical studies on wound healing and related connective tissue disease. A correlation was observed between a deficiency in L-ascorbic acid (a particular form of vitamin C), tyrosine plus zinc and intrinsically aged or photo-damaged skin. The patented complex was then combined with a phyto-chemical composition to produce a delivery system that would facilitate the absorption of the nutrients into the skin. The visual results are compelling. Over the past twenty years we have witnessed the amazing long-term effects of the continued use of Cellex-C. Our photographic library shows the long term benefits and lack of the normal signs of visible aging on subjects who have used Cellex-C consistently between ten and twenty years.

Cellex-C Anti-Aging Results

An independent preliminary study was conducted to determine the effect of Cellex-C Complex on the dermal restructuring of the skin. The initial study was specifically targeted to the skin on back of the hands. Five women—all volunteers aged between 48 and 60—are taking part in this on going trial. The objective of the study was to enlist the services of a world renowned skin physiologist to prove how the proprietary Cellex-C Complex formulation achieves its spectacular visible results. The impressive biological significance I find in this study is that after just two months we are already seeing a change in the dermis.” “We are observing a more structured collagen and elastin composition along with epidermal restructuring, both biomarkers of new or younger skin.” “It appears that Cellex-C does not reach a maximum benefit in 3 months and then cease to work, but rather progressively repairs the skin with continuous use.”