Business Practices & Policies of

Business Practices & Policies of

Why shop with us?'s mission is to bring you the best and most effective scientifically formulated, organic and natural skin care products. We research our lines by personally testing a large sampling of products before adding the line to our roster. We make it a point to never jump on any band-wagon until we do our homework! We realize the dilemma faced by consumers with the plethora of too-good-to-be-true claims in our industry.

We strive to take the guess work out of your shopping experience as much as possible by strictly adhering to the following self-imposed standards of excellence: We have a painstaking devotion to finding the highest quality and purest lines to offer you.

All ingredients in the lines we carry must be natural and in most cases are organically sourced.

NO synthetic fragrance or color.

NO mineral oils are used as moisture ingredients or main ingredients in our facial care products.

NO Animal Testing is performed to test any line that we carry.

NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

NO animal by-product ingredients. These are found in the vast majority of grocery, drug, department and even many "professional" skin care lines. These animal by-product ingredients are made in "rendering facilities" and include non-edible refuse from slaughterhouses as well as euthanized animals from shelters. We are animal lovers and will not support the harm that comes from over-breeding for any purpose. What's more is that these ingredients are cheap fillers that have absolutely no nourishment for the skin. has a strict recycling and reusing shipping materials policy.

We continuously scour the beauty globe to find innovative, increasingly more natural and organically motivated, earth friendly, labor-friendly and science-backed manufacturers.

We enjoy hearing from you and encourage you to contact us with your concerns, ideas, skin issues, products you would like to see on our site, etc.

You will receive FREE SHIPPING for orders over $85 within the US on most items.

Quality products you can trust.

We have years worth of experience with all of our lines. We trust them first so you can be assured of their efficacy.

Invaluable occasional email newsletters and updates with promotions and tips just for subscribers.

Personalized, friendly service when you have a question or need information. We are skin care professionals, not just retailers.

We NEVER share your information with anyone.

We send FREE samples with most orders as long as our postage cost does not increase dramatically. Packages that hover around 12 ounces shipping weight may not receive samples. But never fear! We send lots of samples with larger orders. We aim for 3 samples for every 2 products.


The default amount needed to activate free shipping is $85. However, when a Pevonia item is placed in the cart the default is reset to charge for shipping for ALL cart items. will not be responsible for this and ABSOLUTELY NO refunds will be given in the circumstance that Pevonia items are ordered with other brands. This will help to ensure that you have an authorized online source for Pevonia products going forward. Thank you for understanding.

For customers before May 2011: Once you become an online customer by placing an order for one or more full sized products, your account is automatically signed up for a discount on future orders. Your first order is ineligible for a discount but counts towards your total spend. Deeper discounts will be given upon request when you reach a total spend of $500, $1000, and again at $1500. You must notify us when you reach these levels in order to get deeper discounts or if you want us to check these totals for you.. These totals are based on the information we have in our system at the time of your last purchase.

We recommend using only one email address and having only one account in our system so that your total purchases are added up appropriately. We are not responsible for keeping track of multiple accounts. Discounts apply to online purchases only.

We reserve the right to modify or eliminate the discount program at any time and/or to refuse to honor it at our own discretion if such a time becomes necessary due to vendor demands or otherwise.

Packaging and Our Commitment to the Environment When you receive a package from, you can rest assured that we practice what we preach. We believe that true beauty is within and begins with love for the environment that bestows to us its riches in the form of the botanical resources found in the products we sell. We re-use and recycle as much as possible all of the packaging materials that come to us in the mail from our distributors and manufacturers. We only purchase biodegradable peanuts when we have a need to purchase them at all. If you receive styrofoam peanuts in one of our packages, it is because we are re-using the material from another source and ask that you do the same. We never purchase styrofoam of any sort. We make every effort to avoid heavily bleached cardboard boxes and paper. And we recycle all plastics, glass and paper used in our facility.

Exchange Policy
Sale Products are NON-Exchangable and sold as is.

There is a 20% restocking fee on all exchanged items and they must meet our standards for resale.


Please follow these easy steps to return an item: 1. Email us at 2. Provide the following information in your email: Your name, order number, reason and item you are returning. 3. You will then, within five business days, receive a time sensitive RMA number and email confirmation. You must return the item within the time allotted (usually ten days).

Please return item to the following address: Returns 4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97214 4. Get a delivery confirmation number and email it to us at 5. Along with your returned item, provide a copy of the entire email correspondence including your original email. 6. Upon receipt, we will then credit your account within ten days of receipt. Account credits never expire. 7. We will not honor exchanges that do not have email confirmations.

We do not offer cash refunds. is not responsible for shipping costs associated with exchanges. If no shipping was charged on the original order in cases where the order was eligible for free shipping, the amount refunded towards the exchange will be for the cost of the returned product minus the original shipping cost incurred by We may credit the cost of return shipping up to the flat rate of USPS shipping cost at our discretion. We will not pay shipping fees that are in excess of standard mail rates.

Clarisonic Skin Care Brushing Systems are returnable within the first thirty (30) days directly to Clarisonic. Clarisonic will send you either a replacement in the event of malfunction or a refund, whichever you prefer. They will supply you with a return label to send the item back to the company so there is no cost to you.

If you exchange an item from an order that qualified for a free gift with purchase you must also return the free item if the price of the return item reduces the total purchase price below the price that qualified the order for the gift. The gift item must be unused and unopened and in salable condition otherwise the cost of the gift item will be deducted from the amount eligible for exchange.