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An Effective Treatment for Permanent Hair Removal of the Face & Body

Finally, there is a convenient, effective hair removal system to use in the privacy of your own home. Here are some facts about hair and how it grows. The number, area, color & length of hair has is based in genetics. It is a fact that specific body chemicals produced in the skin determine where & how much hair grows. The active ingredient in H.Ogel Hair Removal Cream is BioAlpha.

This is a proprietary compound of plant sterols that treats the cause of unwanted hair, not just the symptoms. It does this by its unique ability to locally decrease the excess formation of bio chemicals that are soley responsible for the growth and density of hair of the female body.

Made and tested in Greece, this is dream come true for many men and women.

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H.Ogel for Permanent Face and Body Hair Removal H.Ogel Regenesis for Permanent Hair Removal

Permanently reduces growth of unwanted hair using natural plant sterols. For men and women.

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H.Ogel Permanent Hair Removal Cream is applied to the after waxing and works on the hair follicles that are left empty. Only during the anagen phase can hair growth be inhibited. H.Ogel BioAlpha uses the Power of Plant Sterols. These are unique, effective and safe! Clinical, toxicological and allergological tests prove H.Ogel to be completely safe. It has only positive effects to the skin. Due to the multiple beneficial properties of the phytosterolic compound, the application of H.Ogel hair removal cream boosts skin's collagen. This can result in a soft and well hydrated skin. Also, it has been clinically demonstrated that through its soothing properties it can alleviate the symptoms typical for epilation (e.g. waxing) such as reddening of the skin, burning and pain. Compared to other hair removal methods like laser or electrolysis, H.Ogel is a pain free solution to hair removal and works on hair of any color. It has no side effects.

Hair grows in 3 phases of a recurring life cycle. The active growth phase of hair is the anagen phase. This is followed by the catagen or transition phase, a phase of growth regression which quickly leads to the telogen. Lastly is the resting phase. This is when the old hair begins to fall out in preparation for the growth of new hair. Only 20% to 30% of our body hair is in the anagen phase which lasts only for up to 4 months. This explains why our body hair is much shorter than scalp hair where this phase can last up to 6 years. Hair removal with wax stimulates the hair growth since new hair growth is set off by plucking. With wax epilation the hairs are removed at their root. It is then that the hair follicles are synchronized to the anagen phase of the life cycle.