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These Eminence items are slated to be discontinued September 1, 2019. Order now to stock up on your favorites. Shelf life is 9 months according to Eminence. In my twenty years of working with Eminence products, I have found that it is up to two years for most products and even longer when the items are refrigerated, which I have done with my own personal items from time to time. ~ Marie, Founder
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Eminence Honeydew Body Lotion Eminence Wild Plum Tonique Eminence Sweet Red Rose Cleanser
Moisturizes, rejuvenates and protects epidermis. Oxygenating Calming & Soothing
Eminence Blueberry Soy Exfoliating Cleanser Eminence Herbal Spot Serum Eminence Balancing Moisturizer Duo
Free Radical Protection High Potency Acne Gel Two moisturizers in one jar for your combination skin!